Shoshone County, Idaho Treasurer Ellen R. Masterson is the current Shoshone County, Idaho Treasurer and has been since 1998.

The primary duty of the Treasurer-Tax Collector is to send tax bills, receive the funds and collect overdue payments. Once received, the treasurer will disburse that money to agencies in the county that need it, including property taxes.

When determining the annual property tax payment, the individual taxing districts decide how much money they will budget from property tax revenue.  Then, the county assessor’s office places the total assessed value of all taxable property. The county auditor then calculates the tax rate by dividing the amount of tax to be raised for each district by the total taxable value of the district.  Finally, the county treasurer applies the tax rate to your taxable value to determine how much property taxes you will pay.

Shoshone County plat maps show the divisions of the pieces of land, meaning where one begins and the other ends. Property taxes will also depend on the plat map of the county.

Shoshone count now accepts debit/credit cards in the office or by calling (208) 752-1261.  Citizens can also pay online.  A third-party convenience fee applies to citizens who pay with their debit/credit card.  This fee is needed so the county can allow the option to pay with debit/credit cards. This fee is 2.45% ($3.00 minimum).

In addition, Shoshone county charges a $20.00 NSF check fee on any checks that are returned. In order to avoid this charge, payments must be received or postmarked by the following due dates:

  • First-half – December 20th
  • Second half – June 20th

A 2% charge is added to late payments made between December 21st and December 31st.  Beginning January 1st, interest on the delinquent tax and late charge is calculated at the rate of 1% per month.  If you need a payoff quote for delinquent taxes, please call the office.

You can also pay by mail. If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The address is as follows:

700 Bank Street, Suite 110
Wallace, ID 83873

Monthly Payments Accepted

Any portion of a property tax may be paid at any time, but to avoid delinquency, the total payment must be made in full by the due dates listed above.  As outlined by Idaho Code 63-903, a partial payment of any tax will not cancel the collection process.

In addition, any payments that are received with a delinquency will then be applied to the oldest delinquent year.

Payment of a tax delinquency

If a tax becomes delinquent, payments are then posted to the roll and applied to costs, interest, late charge, and delinquent tax and then added to the total amount due according to Idaho Code 63-1002

Filing of material by mail

A cancellation by the post office cancellation is the filing date. A postage meter is not an acceptable post office cancellation mark.  Idaho Code 63-217

Effect of failure to receive notice

If you do not receive a tax notice on property, this does not excuse the late charge and interest for non-payment.  Idaho Code 63-902(9)

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