Tamie J. Eberhard, Clerk of the District Court

Shoshone County, Idaho

Tamie J. Eberhard

Clerk of the District Court, Ex-Officio Auditor, Recorder
and Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners

Address: 700 Bank St., Wallace, ID 83873


The County Auditor is an elected position voted on by the citizens of Shoshone County.

The Auditor’s Office is responsible for maintaining all financial records for Shoshone County.  This includes processing payroll, preparing the annual budget, establishing taxes, and the distribution of all the tax collections.

The Auditor’s Office also manages all accounts receivable and payable. In addition, Auditing staff also prepares the county’s annual budget and its year-end financial reports.

Here is the contact information for the auditing staff of Shoshone County:

Phone: (208) 752-1264, Fax: (208) 752-1896.


The Shoshone County Idaho clerk of court provides clerical support for the courts and is responsible for the processing and maintenance of all court case filings.  This office provides in-court clerks who support judges in the commission of their duties.

The Shoshone county clerk also performs administrative duties in the criminal and civil justice systems. They keep court records, govern oaths to witnesses and jurors, and verify copies of the court’s orders and judgments.

Here is the contact information for the court’s staff of Shoshone County:

Phone: (208) 752-1266, Fax: (208) 753-0921.

Elections and Passports

The Clerk is the Chief Elections Officer for the county.  The Clerk can register voters, while maintaining a database of registered voters. He or she also conducts county, state, and national elections.

This office is also an executing agent for passports. Citizens can either make an appointment for a passport or walk in during the times when passport applications are being accepted. They will need proper identification and materials in order to apply for a passport.

Here is the contact information for the elections and passports department of Shoshone County:

Phone: (208) 752-1264, Fax: (208) 752-1896.


The clerk and recorder is responsible for recording documents in the public records and maintaining indexes and images for those documents.

This office primarily records documents related to property but also issues local liquor licenses, marriage licenses, and civil union licenses.

The recorder also handles all of the Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Union), registers Assumed Names and Notaries, pays all claims for the county, processes the payroll for all county employees, and conducts all Federal, State and Local Elections.

Here is the contact information for the recorder’s department of Shoshone County:

Phone: (208) 752-1264, Fax: (208) 752-1896.


This department carries out the mandates of Idaho law contained in Title 31, Chapters 34 & 35 of the Idaho Code.  These laws allow for temporary help to Shoshone County residents who need assistance with both medical and non-medical expenses.

However, the welfare fund is for citizens who have looked elsewhere for help first. It is treated as a final resort for people who need help with expenses. Because of this, all counties in Idaho will require reimbursement of any taxpayer funds used to assist a county resident under these laws.

Here is the contact information for the welfare department of Shoshone County:

Phone: (208) 752-8601, Fax: (208) 752-8881.