Shoshone County Commissioners
Property Tax Exemption Information

For questions regarding property tax exemptions in Shoshone County, please contact the Commissioners' Office at (208) 752-3331. Application for tax exempt status may be submitted at any time with the Board of Commissioners.  The deadline for filing tax exemptions is April 15, 2017. For new tax exempt applications, please include by-laws, articles of incorporation, financial statements and any other documents that support your request for exemption. Organizations must apply each year for an exemption. Idaho Code 63-602 requires the Shoshone County Board of Commissioners to approve all property tax exemptions on an annual basis.

Note: No late tax exemption applications/forms will be accepted.

You may download or print an Application and the applicable Worksheet and return them, with supporting documents, to the Shoshone County Board of Commissioners, 700 Bank Street, Suite 120, Wallace, Idaho 83873. If you prefer, you may fax the documents to the Commissioners' office at (208) 752-4304.

Please note - If your organization was granted a property tax exemption last year, you DO NOT use the form below. Those organizations who have current exemptions in place will be mailed a short form exemption application after January 1st. If you have not received the short form application in the mail by the end of February, please call (208) 752-3331. It is your responsibility to apply each year.

A complete copy of Idaho Code Title 63, Chapter 6 may be available at your local library, or you can review the code online on the State of Idaho webpage.

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